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Fiber is the cult product in the American Crew Classic range. It is water based and provides a high hold and low shine.

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Who should you use the product?

Fiber is perfect for shorter hair (1 – 3 inches) when you want to add thickness and texture. Because the product is non shine, you will achieve a textured look whilst not appearing to have a lot of product in your hair.

What is Fiber like to use?

The product has a resin like consistency and is an off white color in the pot. To apply you will need to scoop your finger into the product, remove a pea size amount and rub it into the palm of your hand. This will warm the product, enabling you to run it easily into your hair. Because the product is water based, you can easily wash excess fiber from your hands using warm water.

The product has a pleasant, understated citrus scent.

Lanolin wax

Lanolin wax is a major ingredient in American Crew Fiber. It is an excellent moisturiser for the skin and hair and has been used in skin and hair products for centuries. It is the by-product of the wool refining process and therefore is renewable resource.