We only use the best products to ensure you look and feel your best.... 

American Crew® is more than just a lifestyle brand or a salon supplier. It's a landmark in the history of men's grooming. It's the leading salon brand created for men specifically to meet the needs of stylists.

Today American Crew® continues its commitment to being one of the world's most innovative and interesting companies. Around the globe, it consistently pioneers the latest styles and the most innovative products made for men.

American Crew® never forgets its job is to give men and their stylists the tools they need to create stylish, masculine looks every day.

Here at A87, we ask ourselves: "What is a well groomed MAN?"

Well, we sat down and used our MAN brains until we came up with an answer. "A well groomed MAN is not merely a MAN who uses great products on his hair and body, but a MAN who can present himself in his own desired way, through all aspects of his lifestyle."

So, with this in our MAN minds, we have taken measures to help our fellow MEN achieve this, with our Lifestyle range.

Elemis is the leading luxury British spa and skincare brand. The successful combination of natural active ingredients with cutting-edge technology has enabled Elemis to bring to the market some of the most influential anti-ageing products and professional spa-therapies the beauty industry has ever seen.

Male skin concerns have become more complex - men now understand that stress, pollution and increased lifestyle demands can have a direct effect on the skin. The Elemis Time for Men range has been formulated for men and specifically tested on men.

Lycon is the professional’s choice in quality wax and an essential ingredient in leading salons around the world. MANifico Hot Wax, Especially for men is formulated with Lycons latest and unique Titanium Dioxide technology, Chamomile, Australian Sandalwood and gently Micro Mica, which makes MANifico the ultimate wax and perfect choice for us to use on strong hair and sensitive skin.

Truefitt and Hills exceptional products are formulated with an exquisite blend of rare, natural and sophisticated essences. Their offering includes a full line of shaving, fragrance, hair and bath products to provide a daily grooming solution for the modern man.